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Artist and video game enjoyer.
Page style is a WIP, please excuse the messiness for now.

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reala 😶 3 days ago

Yes I'm aware of the weird shit my banners do on mobile. No I don't know how to fix it yet

reala 💻 5 days ago

OKAY I've decided that the next order of business for my site is game shrines and info!!

reala 😶 7 days ago

i kinda wanna change my site layout...

reala 💤 13 days ago

been way too busy lately

reala 🎶 18 days ago

debating on having a (non-autoplaying) music player on every page of my site or not, right now it's only on my about page

reala 😶 21 days ago

there's something both relaxing and terrifying about being the only one in the office at night

reala 😡 31 days ago

I wish more people understood about IT that we don't actually care if you know anything or not, we care if you're being a dick to us

reala 💤 32 days ago

I really wanna clean my room but I'm so effing tired

reala 😶 36 days ago

and i keep forgetting to change the emoji aaaaaAAAAHHH i wish i could just remove it

reala 🙂 36 days ago

i like board games but i still prefer video games. i like board game nights but i miss video game nights!! it's all TTRPGs now!

reala 🙂 36 days ago

like, i don't like roleplaying, so DnD and such is hard for me, because i just wanna focus on the tactical/investigation/exploration parts

reala 😶 36 days ago

i really feel like i don't fit in with even my own age group because i'm not into a lot of the same stuff as like. everyone.

reala 💤 37 days ago

eepy once again

reala 💻 43 days ago

gotta work today but all i wanna do is webbed site

reala 😶 44 days ago

not doing it right now because i have to work soon but. perhaps another thing to hyperfocus on when i get home!!

reala ✏️ 44 days ago

just now realizing that i can customize my statuscafe page WOW i feel dumb

reala 🙃 44 days ago

anxious about work tomorrow

reala 🎮 47 days ago

Thinkin about new Shantae game...excite

reala ❤️ 54 days ago

Toe beans

reala 😯 60 days ago

wait is Pokemon Sleep REAL ALREADY

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