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Artist and video game enjoyer.
Page style is a WIP, please excuse the messiness for now.

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reala 🔥 39 days ago

Ggghhhhhh I wanna put so much stuff on my website!! My drive for webbing is BACK

reala 💻 55 days ago

Next order of business for my site is to add a pixel art section

reala 💻 106 days ago

actually not too many things! i just have to reupload some stuff probably

reala 💤 106 days ago

oh cool. is broken so now i have to see how many things that broke on my site

reala 🙂 106 days ago

There's a pit in my stomach and a twist in my throat that I can't shake

reala 🌧️ 116 days ago

aaaaaaaah I really do not like winter depression

reala 🙂 135 days ago

I actually have a small site update planned and I'm excited!

reala 😡 143 days ago

I wish everyone who mistreats animals a very go to hell

reala 🎮 150 days ago

I can't believe I missed out on Legends Arceus for so long, it's so much fun

reala 😶 156 days ago

Man I had no idea sinus infections could be so horrible

reala 💤 199 days ago

Everything is so much

reala 😶 206 days ago

Yes I'm aware of the weird shit my banners do on mobile. No I don't know how to fix it yet

reala 💻 208 days ago

OKAY I've decided that the next order of business for my site is game shrines and info!!

reala 😶 210 days ago

i kinda wanna change my site layout...

reala 💤 216 days ago

been way too busy lately

reala 🎶 221 days ago

debating on having a (non-autoplaying) music player on every page of my site or not, right now it's only on my about page

reala 😶 224 days ago

there's something both relaxing and terrifying about being the only one in the office at night

reala 😡 233 days ago

I wish more people understood about IT that we don't actually care if you know anything or not, we care if you're being a dick to us

reala 💤 235 days ago

I really wanna clean my room but I'm so effing tired

reala 😶 239 days ago

and i keep forgetting to change the emoji aaaaaAAAAHHH i wish i could just remove it

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