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rayun56 👀 332 days ago

It's really strange to type down things about me for the internet to see that was not supposed to rhyme

rayun56 💻 478 days ago

4 more weeks 👍

rayun56 ✨ 505 days ago

just a week away

rayun56 👀 519 days ago


rayun56 🙂 522 days ago

I actually liked myself for the first time in a long time today Just a small thing but it felt good :)

rayun56 ❄️ 526 days ago

Settling down and havin fun, for the first time in a very long time

rayun56 🔥 529 days ago

Only like 4 more days and then some break, hyped

rayun56 ❄️ 530 days ago

just a week away !

rayun56 😶 533 days ago

just kinda

rayun56 📖 533 days ago

starting the week strong

rayun56 💤 534 days ago

lazy sunday vibe rn

rayun56 🥺 536 days ago

finishing the stuff !

rayun56 ✅ 536 days ago

workin through the catalogue of shit to do

rayun56 👀 538 days ago

Just got here and it is neato