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dingus on the Internet. has crappy blog, has an equally dingy newsletter. is also a presenter (first ever one) for radio lemmy! i'm on the fediverse [@ivy@lethallava.land](https://lethallava.land/@ivy), come say hi!


randomivysaur 🙂 164 days ago

just moved from mastodon to firefish. it's more lively here somehow and less boring,

randomivysaur 🙃 189 days ago

crappy headset came in, the cable's rubber coating is pre-ripped off so I don't have to do it myself :/

randomivysaur 🎤 193 days ago

broadcasting on radio lemmy again

randomivysaur 😛 193 days ago

this would be a good time to mention that i use comic sans for my entire desktop

randomivysaur 🥳 197 days ago

finally, finished a radio session without helicopter noises in the background

randomivysaur 🤔 198 days ago

gonna be airing again tonight, hopefully with a less crappy microphone

randomivysaur ✨ 199 days ago

got accepted as an announcer on Radio Lemmy (the very first one apparently)

randomivysaur 🙂 199 days ago

mucking around in the fediverse

randomivysaur 💀 200 days ago

messed around with JACK too much

randomivysaur 🙃 202 days ago

im just at the mall here trying to turn all their TVs off mate (because of course I have an IR blaster)

randomivysaur 😭 204 days ago

some girl is yelling at me because her phone broke and i happened to be there and she wants me to replace it

randomivysaur 🎷 205 days ago

obsessed with acid jazz atm. space cowboy's a great track.

randomivysaur 😡 218 days ago

fedora is not recognising my laptop's cooling fans >:(

randomivysaur 😭 257 days ago

my laptop can hardly run anything anymore :/

randomivysaur 🙂 269 days ago

if I lived in a van, would I be considered homeless and without a legal address?

randomivysaur 🥱 271 days ago

can't sleep, drank the whole pot of tea, send help

randomivysaur 🔥 276 days ago

finished my first wallp submission for plasma 6 two more to go

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