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dingus on the Internet


randomivysaur 😭 17 days ago

my laptop can hardly run anything anymore :/

randomivysaur 🙂 29 days ago

if I lived in a van, would I be considered homeless and without a legal address?

randomivysaur 🥱 31 days ago

can't sleep, drank the whole pot of tea, send help

randomivysaur 🔥 36 days ago

finished my first wallp submission for plasma 6 two more to go

randomivysaur 💀 38 days ago

i forgot i can put brackets in brackets in bash

randomivysaur 😶 39 days ago

never would I have thought I'd be sitting in front of my TV drawing art for KDE Plasma 6 at 2am

randomivysaur 🥳 41 days ago

woo indonesian independence day woo

randomivysaur 😯 52 days ago

got a ctrl-c.club account, and never would I have thought SSH-ing into some Linux server would be fun

randomivysaur 😭 56 days ago

everyone thinks I'm mad now come on all I did was read the privacy policy

randomivysaur 💀 61 days ago

my personal knowledge management system consisting of text files got completely outclassed by a simple binder-based loose leaf notebook

randomivysaur ✏️ 65 days ago

obtained a binder notebook. i've always used cheap thin notebooks and replaced them once they're full so this is really a step up.

randomivysaur 🐱 67 days ago

just watched "The Cat Returns", can't say I've watched anything like it.

randomivysaur ✈️ 77 days ago

dude next to me on the flight was casually increasing the risk of the plane exploding by watching Instagram reels the entire time

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