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ramses ❤️ 77 days ago

have not decided what to do with the journal of my site. in the meantime I’m taking it easy

ramses 🌱 82 days ago

getting through the summer

ramses 🌈 90 days ago

just keep going. a little bit more.

ramses ☀️ 97 days ago

a new week just started. let’s just go through.

ramses 🌈 100 days ago

5 more minutes please…

ramses 🐶 101 days ago

it’s pretty sunny and I’m loving going for walks these days. still in a small holiday break (and mood)

ramses 💤 103 days ago

feeling pretty sleepy over the past couple of days.

ramses ☀️ 104 days ago

walking in the sun, swimming and taking photos〜

ramses 😴 109 days ago

although jetlag is hitting hard, I’m really enjoying the sunny days. everyone’s nice and friendly.

ramses ✨ 111 days ago

despite all the latest events — I’m feeling fresh

ramses 🥹 112 days ago

i was so busy recently that I forgot about what’s coming up. feeling pretty excited.

ramses ✨ 119 days ago

trying to take it easy and enjoy this unusual Sunday.