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radio 💤 7 days ago

i love you statuscafe i love you neocities i love you ecoterrorist tumblr girlies

radio 👽 20 days ago

thinking abt the Underground Man and his elaborate scheme to bump into a dude bc he's tired of being the person who steps aside on sidewalks

radio 💡 31 days ago

the machine at my local laundromat granted me a free wash cycle today.. another win for trans rights

radio 😎 63 days ago

cure your depression with one weird trick: make tangible progress on a goal for the first time in 3 weeks

radio 😇 86 days ago

trying really hard lately to not say "bigly" or "epic style" when "a lot" would suffice

radio 🌈 91 days ago

morning mood boost: discovered a new way to wear my favorite scarf! i'm enjoying the stylish flair of a lil TWIMST

radio 🎮 113 days ago

need for speed: hot pursuit is the only valid copaganda game

radio 😱 119 days ago

the siren song of my incomplete webbed site calls me to action

radio 🙂 133 days ago

it's summer now!

radio 🤖 160 days ago

fully addicted to guild wars 2!! i just feel immense pressure at all times to save the quaggans

radio 🥰 172 days ago

my bones ache for team fortress 2 .. gotta wish a merry smissmas to all my blorbos

radio 🔥 184 days ago

i put one (1) carolina reaper pepper in my tofu scramble and it took me out all day .. finally regained enough HP to stand up