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i was born yesterday and i'm four carlin peas tall


questionaut 😇 4 days ago

actually you know what! no thought can be trusted after 8pm. you won't get me, depression!

questionaut 🌧️ 4 days ago

does anyone else just feel kinda aimless :/

questionaut 🌧️ 9 days ago

am i just being difficult

questionaut 🥺 11 days ago

doing things when you feel like it is ok! trying things once and it not becoming part of your routine is ok.

questionaut 😭 13 days ago

going on steroids again...!

questionaut 🎱 14 days ago

back to square one i guess

questionaut 🌈 42 days ago

maybe trying zoloft again

questionaut 🤔 61 days ago

is there nothing better than basting a roast

questionaut 😛 82 days ago

i'm so tired from doing nothing for a week

questionaut 🙃 102 days ago

will i start t today? who knows. either way i'm scared lol

questionaut 🌈 103 days ago

listening to my friend on the radio. love wins

questionaut 😇 104 days ago

possible bridging prescription on friday and a week off <3

questionaut 🌱 109 days ago

weaving baskets is kind of addictive!

questionaut 📚 114 days ago

i dont want to go outside right now

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