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quest ☀️ 78 days ago

summers gotta be one of if not the worst season

quest 💀 79 days ago

the joint pain in my hands is not happy after i spent all day typing

quest 🙃 81 days ago

the bane of my existence .. about pages

quest 🥰 86 days ago

finally done my new site yayy

quest 💀 89 days ago

redesigning my site is gonna kill me omg

quest 🥳 211 days ago

i'm 20 today!

quest 💤 214 days ago

thinking about recoding my site but i havent even been using my computer since i got it back from being repaired lol ive been so tired

quest ❤️ 220 days ago

my anniversary today <3 ( also i am not sick anymore ^.^ but too lazy to work on my site.. lots happening )

quest 🤒 225 days ago

i have been sick T_T

quest ✏️ 242 days ago

i wish more of my friends had sites but i dont think any of them are even into coding

quest 💻 255 days ago

literally the first time i sat down to work on my site in ages. oops! too much going on

quest 🥰 309 days ago

i think im happy with my code on here now im really proud of it

quest 💤 309 days ago

tired today

quest 💻 310 days ago

every day i wake up and say i'll work on my site and every day i don't work on my site

quest 🤒 312 days ago

chronic pain is a bitch tbh

quest 😴 313 days ago

considering joining dreamwidth.. not too sure yet though. very sleepy today