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purpleghost 💀 52 days ago

Updated all pages and created my first shrine, dedicated to Friday the 13th!!

purpleghost 💾 57 days ago

Working on home page, but I'll update the code after I've finished my first Shrine!

purpleghost 🥳 106 days ago

Created gallery using nanogallery2

purpleghost 👽 132 days ago

Updated home page layout, created my own button, added other user's buttons

purpleghost 😇 155 days ago

Don't mind me, still working on my site...

purpleghost 🥳 200 days ago

Updated my home page (AGAIN), added this status section and a chat box. i'm a lot happier with everything now!

purpleghost 🎬 219 days ago

Just watched Infinity Pool (2023). Loved it