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Thinking about throwing myself off a bridge every other day Life's p good rn


purolandz 🥺 3 days ago

THANK YOU LORD FOR BLOND MEN (they're all for me)

purolandz 🙃 6 days ago

wth am I doing fr fr

purolandz 😡 7 days ago

Why are you not talking to me

purolandz 🏆 10 days ago

I know my role. I don't really like it but I gotta accept it sooner or later

purolandz 😡 12 days ago

Trapped again in this meat prison

purolandz 💤 14 days ago

Is this bed my last resting place? Is this my executioner? I this my axe and my noose? "you're such a drama queen -_-U"

purolandz ✏️ 15 days ago

I woke up in multiple dreams after that and told everyone what I had seen.

purolandz 🥺 20 days ago

He's an angel, I don't deserve him. He doesn't hate me he doesn't

purolandz 😶 21 days ago

they don't. they don't actually care they just do it to feel like heroes if they were actually good people they would just let you do it

purolandz 🤔 57 days ago

massachusetts u.s. mail