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puppie 🌈 6 hours ago

saw a rainbow 2day!

puppie 🌧️ 1 day ago

feeling crummy these days

puppie 😶 3 days ago

they should make loud auto play music on a website illegal

puppie 🌧️ 10 days ago

depression is a beeeatch

puppie 😭 14 days ago

banging head on wall

puppie 🌧️ 14 days ago

wahh i lack motivation to update T_T

puppie ❤️ 17 days ago

god i love charly bliss

puppie 😶 24 days ago

i should try and fix my fallout 4

puppie 😭 24 days ago

the new fortnite season got me wanting to run into oncoming traffic

puppie 🤩 25 days ago

finally working on site! im so happy!!! <3

puppie ✨ 856 days ago

wooo finally got an account!!!!