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puddle πŸ‘€ 91 days ago


puddle πŸ™‚ 102 days ago

I don't intend to give many hints regarding my ARG project but I do wanna clarify that all content is on the dreamcachers/sleepwalkers sites

puddle πŸ’» 105 days ago

ayyy! dreamcachers/sleepwalkers has been added to the NM index in the psych category!! thank you, Nick!!✨ check it out @ nightmind.info

puddle πŸ‘€ 112 days ago

finally feeling confident to start showing off the dreamcachers/sleepwalkers project!! JOIN US for secrets! ;)

puddle πŸ₯° 121 days ago

new fluxblush post across socials! also check out the lwam finale if you haven't already!!

puddle ✨ 122 days ago

epilogue of LWAM drops on tapas today at 11:11am! if you wanna read it early with the bonus page, check it out on the main site!!

puddle πŸ™‚ 131 days ago

sleepwalkers/dreamcachers is complete!! check out the site for sΜΆeΜΆcΜΆrΜΆeΜΆtΜΆs comics!

puddle πŸ‘€ 133 days ago

NEW PROJECT: THE FIRST 4 STRIPS FOR SLEEPWALKERS IS OUT!!! You should really check out the site!

puddle πŸ‘€ 145 days ago

almost done with LWAM's epilogue. expect it this month! πŸŽƒπŸ€ž

puddle πŸ™‚ 149 days ago

new puddle dressup game ft. my favorite stuff from my wardrobe! 🫣 gotta make a page for it but otherwise it's almost done!

puddle ✨ 153 days ago

added 3 new micro-games (ha) to the roboko site: dressup, brush cleaning, & charging. (also 2 more in the works!)

puddle πŸ‘€ 164 days ago

added an interactable zine compilation (with bonus pages!) to LWAM's site! check it out!! (might take a bit to load tho!)

puddle πŸ™‚ 165 days ago

added a cool sites/vids/music section + a site button others can use if they wanna link to me. check out the sites I'm featuring!!

puddle πŸ‘€ 171 days ago

new webpage for tracking XKO just dropped! check it out!!!

puddle πŸ‘€ 175 days ago

new fluidflux piece on fluxblush & socials. got a fluidflux comic coming soon as well πŸ’­

puddle ✨ 178 days ago

new roboko art on site/across socials πŸ”Œ

puddle ✨ 182 days ago

the roboko website has been remade from the ground up to be ever so slightly more mobile responsive!

puddle ✨ 185 days ago

big fluxblush site update: pomoko & fluidflux sections added both brand new and archived art/comics!✨

puddle πŸ’€ 187 days ago

Roboko art upload: update day πŸ’€

puddle 🍸 187 days ago

set up a tumblr for fluxblush stuff, cross-posting comics/illustrations over time. links on the 18+ page!

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