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prools 😭 300 days ago

bye i hardcoded by resources page bc idk how to make my sidebar extend all the way to the bottom

prools 😴 302 days ago

just finished watching that time i was reincarnated as a slime and all the ovas and movies i could find lmao...

prools 😭 304 days ago

WTF I USED THE wrong emoji for my last status (its so ugly) (i hate that emoji)

prools 🥹 304 days ago

i made a mastodon account but nobody i know uses it

prools 🌧️ 310 days ago

i want macarons

prools 🔥 314 days ago

i got some awesome paratha tacos

prools 😴 316 days ago

coding like a madman and it's still not enough (???) (i'm not very efficient huh)