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prl 😎 287 days ago

based and green pilled

prl 👽 304 days ago

gonna help sugar some biscuits tonight after woooork

prl 😭 307 days ago

i just wanna do things again, man...

prl ☕ 308 days ago

why have i been craving soup for like a week now (besides the fact that it's been soup weather)

prl ☕ 309 days ago

overhauling the website while working all weekend agaaaaaain

prl 🔥 313 days ago

i fucking love homemade soup

prl 👽 321 days ago

lol wtf was going on tonight... guess the fucking "space aliens" are back at it again

prl 👽 322 days ago

how many bowls does it take to get to the center of cyberspace?

prl 🙂 329 days ago

so glad this weird storm waited until i was home from work to start cuz BRUH

prl 👀 330 days ago

two geese flew over my apartment while i was having a small bonfire tonight... how odd.

prl 🥳 332 days ago

getting dressed to go into work... on my night off? might be fun going to something i don't have to host though, right?

prl 😭 336 days ago

Finally saw Encanto and it made me cry, but what movie doesn't these days?

prl 😎 338 days ago

gotta get on that sativa life

prl 👽 342 days ago

wtf is a crepitus and why does google say my neck has one

prl 🙂 346 days ago

steak and a big gay birthday bash... good way to start the (work) weekend!

prl 😡 346 days ago

i hate days when the high temperature is at night and then it cools down all day, that's not how weather is supposed to work!

prl 🎶 347 days ago

i'm gonna add all the songs to my site! if only i had more snacks...