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prismatictigers 🥰 50 days ago

i got back into stardew valley lately, and of course am readdicted since the 1.6 update :)

prismatictigers 📺 178 days ago


prismatictigers 😡 180 days ago

I'm so TIRED ALL THE TIMEEE!! Work is a routine now, but I wish my coworkers weren't immature :(

prismatictigers 🙂 204 days ago

Feeling better!! Still at the tailend though, but finally reaching full recovery! I still hate working though >:(

prismatictigers 🤒 213 days ago

I HAD to go and get sick... (I have a sore throat and my nose is getting stuffy...) Now I can't nap or sleep peacefully :((

prismatictigers 💔 215 days ago

Something so perfect had to stop, and it hurts so much, but through the hurt I understand and respect it and have no resentment

prismatictigers ❤️ 291 days ago

Thank you for 300 followers!! I'm so thankful that many people enjoy my website as much as I do!

prismatictigers 🥹 293 days ago

counselor appt in 30mins, out of one of my meds, very anxious but i know my counselor helps, i hate this feeling still :(

prismatictigers 😴 491 days ago

i have my layouts backed up locally, i kind of want to do a complete empty purge and organize my files in neocities...

prismatictigers 🥱 499 days ago

I've been actively learning javascript, vue.js, and more things I can do with layouts...

prismatictigers ❄️ 520 days ago

My room feels like a refrigerator and my fingers are ice because I decided to open my window when it's 40degrees outside (I live in FL)

prismatictigers 🙂 525 days ago

I just recovered some ancient stuff of mine from an old harddrive, I'm actively sobbing on my floor

prismatictigers 💡 527 days ago

the amount of stuff you learn from doing intense google searches for codes..........

prismatictigers 👀 532 days ago

i'm really going all out on my personal/art website...... i can't wait to SHOW IT!! it has WAY more than my layouts site!! T_T

prismatictigers 😴 534 days ago

The amount of times I've stared blankly at my monitor while coding is crazy

prismatictigers 😂 538 days ago

I found out how to upload multiple files to my other website's file manager!! I'M SO RELIEVED!! T_T

prismatictigers 😭 543 days ago

wow my folders desperately need to be sorted T_T

prismatictigers 🐱 543 days ago

today came and went and i've been spending so much time learning how to edit graphics for a xanga inspired layout

prismatictigers 👀 544 days ago

i've been spending lots of time figuring psp and i think i have a good grasp for some layouts!!

prismatictigers 😭 545 days ago

i just remembered my boyfriend bought me a big psp bundle in 2019 that includes psp ultimate in it i'm BAWLING...

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