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princefrog 😡 29 days ago

how to not go insane?

princefrog 😶 50 days ago

sick of chronic illness

princefrog 🌧️ 52 days ago

scared about the future

princefrog 😡 55 days ago

my spotify account has been can i listen to my brown noise now

princefrog ☀️ 56 days ago

me when i get some coding done

princefrog 📺 62 days ago

panicking and watching 100% dbh playthrough

princefrog 💡 69 days ago

hustling before the demons get me

princefrog 🤐 72 days ago

not feeling it today

princefrog 💔 75 days ago

self insert webring closed to new members... how will the world know that i was knighted by jaime lannister

princefrog 😡 78 days ago

dread is filling my stomach!

princefrog 👽 79 days ago

stoned and slacking off lmao

princefrog 🎤 79 days ago

listening to films to buried with

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