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primaldesire 🙂 125 days ago

ive been so addicted to trigun lately its insane im falling deep

primaldesire 👀 163 days ago

Sooo... I watched Trigun Stampede. Safe to say I may or may not have a new thing to obsess over lol

primaldesire 🥳 176 days ago

HAP BIRF 16TH ANNIVERSARY TO MIKU! maybe ill be lucky and have time to draw #1 idol

primaldesire 🤩 177 days ago

playing honkai star rail and man its so easy to grind which makes it more fun to play ngl, genshin needs this shit

primaldesire 👀 184 days ago

I might be able to write an essay about something Ive been really interested for a long time and Im very excited. Hopefully I stay motivated

primaldesire 💀 187 days ago

just sat through two whole videos, prob about 3 hours long in total, about colleen hoover. i should write cause how do people like this

primaldesire 🙂 189 days ago

Had a productive AND very fun day today organizing my dorm room and hanging out with friends! Hopefully things will continue to look up!

primaldesire 🙃 193 days ago

had busy day touching grass. now im tired and my head hurts. weh. gonna try and watch some MLB to distract myself

primaldesire 🥰 196 days ago

As much as coding is tiring, and very much trial and error, I am very happy to see my progress!