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she/her, high fives 'til death takes us! art: flashfox24


prettyhatemachine 🌈 11 days ago

my little sister is watching gravity falls rn and she compares mabel to her bff in school LOL it makes me so happy this show still is around

prettyhatemachine 🐶 17 days ago

i love when my friends send me long voice messages and i get to listen to them like a podcast nehehe

prettyhatemachine 😴 17 days ago

i've gone out with friends every single day for a week im so tired lol. introvert with a social life u_u :(

prettyhatemachine 🌙 18 days ago

dancing in my bedroom has been my number one reprieve since i was like. 12.

prettyhatemachine 🧀 19 days ago

met a pretty girl the other day and we ate bread and cheese together... #cheese #thinkingabouther

prettyhatemachine 🌈 20 days ago

someone 5 statuses away from me made me buy hypnospace outlaw

prettyhatemachine 🙂 23 days ago

friend waiting in vc for me to play stardew valley but i am having a very much not-talking day *scared*

prettyhatemachine 💤 26 days ago

(most scared voice) submitting poems to magazines

prettyhatemachine 🌧️ 26 days ago

making a painting feels religious. i'm on my knees looking up at my canvas. idk how to explain

prettyhatemachine 🛼 29 days ago

got a sticker for my skates that reads: my other ride is a dyke

prettyhatemachine 🌈 29 days ago

flirting by telling girls to watch love lies bleeding and hoping that makes them think of me watching it. #mastermind

prettyhatemachine 🌙 29 days ago

played roblox with my friends while neocities was gone %_%

prettyhatemachine 🍏 32 days ago

my gf had a seizure from smoking too much weed i did not know that could happen! (she is ok)

prettyhatemachine ☕️ 37 days ago

recently became a black coffee enjoyer. i think this is the start of my descent into insanity.

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