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i like korn


predictable1993 🎨 13 days ago

i want to write a trans version of fight club. i am coming dangerously close to it.

predictable1993 👽 21 days ago

fuck taylor swift and i also hate olivia rodrigo

predictable1993 👽 25 days ago

i love paranoid and aroused. the paradigm shift is an amazing album it needs more recognition :-(

predictable1993 👽 26 days ago

the ugly cishets that post tiktok videos to "sped up" audios are the same people that make fun of you for listening to nightcore

predictable1993 👽 35 days ago

i just assooooooom that evreybodyknew that we're doooooomedddd

predictable1993 👽 41 days ago

i dont need sex. i have the ability to listen to metal at full volume. it has the same effect really

predictable1993 👽 48 days ago

no updates for a week, ill be at my dad's!

predictable1993 👽 53 days ago

i was really happy all day but i feel like shit now

predictable1993 👽 54 days ago

iiiiiiinsiiiiiide.... IM DEAAAAAADDDD!!!

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