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prawnwar šŸ’¤ 285 days ago

hi guys! sorry for the lack of pe,ag!! updates recently, iā€™m going on a little hiatus while i focus on other artistic ventures! be back soon

prawnwar šŸ‘½ 363 days ago

read PEAG!! now!

prawnwar šŸ˜“ 382 days ago

new blog entry. tl;dr demon friend is on indefinite hiatus lol

prawnwar āœļø 417 days ago

new post on the blog page about 4chan and autism and stuff !

prawnwar ā¤ļø 455 days ago

hey there! soon enough, demon friend will be soft-rebooting, and taking the form of a more traditional webcomic! see you then!

prawnwar šŸ± 484 days ago

started estrogen today. feeling very happy, love you all. new demon friend whenever the FUCK i feel like it

prawnwar šŸ’” 500 days ago

goodness gracious i am so sorry for over a month of radio silence! january was vv busy for me. i cannot promise a df update soon. very sorry

prawnwar šŸŽ® 541 days ago

sorry for being gone for a while. ive been playing elden ring and fallout new vegas and have not found motivation to write/draw lol

prawnwar šŸ™‚ 554 days ago

hello.! work on the next update has been slow unfortunately. it is still coming, i just need to set aside time to make it, so bear with me!!

prawnwar šŸŒ™ 565 days ago

might start work on a new df update soon i think im almost ready !!

prawnwar šŸ’¤ 584 days ago

demon friend on hiatus for a bit.. too sleepy to make comix ā€¦. zzzzzzz

prawnwar šŸ’» 602 days ago


prawnwar šŸ’¤ 603 days ago

demon friend update delayed until 2pm tomorrow ! i just rly need to sleep rn im sleepytired ..

prawnwar šŸ˜‡ 603 days ago

new update is coming out ROUGHLY on time i hella procrastinated doing the art so im on CRUNCH rn lmao

prawnwar šŸ“– 606 days ago

the next update of DEMON FRIEND is coming along nicely!! im nearly finished writing it and then ill start on the art! should be ready on thu

prawnwar šŸ± 606 days ago

hiiii meowmeowmeow nyaa