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poppy 🥳 5 days ago

All done w/ schoolwork, just rearranged my room, feeling very motivated ^_^

poppy 😭 24 days ago

Finally getting a lot of motivation to watch things and play new games etc but finals are coming up too...!!!

poppy 🤔 28 days ago

Bought some used CDs and DVDs which was really fun but my legs still hurt over 24 hours later--guess I haven't been walking a lot lately??

poppy 🤐 38 days ago

gave some random seasonal anime series a try and they were kind of bad and boring lol..

poppy 🥳 44 days ago

I'm drawing again AND having lots of fun with it yayyyyy

poppy 🍫 52 days ago

I got some candies from some online pin orders and they were good!!

poppy 😭 66 days ago

I wanna draw so bad!!!!!

poppy 😭 75 days ago

Spring break is coming up, we'll see if I can catch up on schoolwork and put some time into art stuff afterwards...

poppy 🤔 83 days ago

Wanna work on my games again, but college is kicking my ass...

poppy 🥹 90 days ago

I will make it through this week.

poppy 😴 102 days ago

workin on art again between hw and gaming w/ friends, school is back in session so site updates will be slow -w-

poppy 🥹 119 days ago

will work on art again soon, resisting temptation to play stardew nonstop