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Yes I am a nerd! (except I don't know anything!)
I go by Ana/Poly on the internet and use any pronouns! Don't visit my website 4 now, I'm overhauling it


polybiuzz 🤐 9 days ago

I have never been so close to government officials

polybiuzz 🤖 22 days ago

datorium will be the end of me

polybiuzz 🍕 27 days ago

Parents found a random pizzeria in the middle of nowhere

polybiuzz 🎶 28 days ago

early ziedu vija music has no reason to be so good

polybiuzz 😎 32 days ago

going to the town tmmrw

polybiuzz 🥳 35 days ago

spring break! finally!

polybiuzz 💀 41 days ago

I think it's going down to my bronchus

polybiuzz 🤒 42 days ago

throat hurts, back burns

polybiuzz ✏️ 51 days ago

Ohhh, I haven't posted anything here for awhile.. anyways, I finally began working on my thesis (?) for artschool! yippeeee

polybiuzz 🌧️ 249 days ago

The weather was soo awful yesterday like the fuck

polybiuzz 💻 255 days ago

Working on oc wiki 4 my website !

polybiuzz 😶 256 days ago

A month left...

polybiuzz 🙂 262 days ago

The bus driver started talking abt politics

polybiuzz 🥰 263 days ago

going to barbie movie tommorow!!!

polybiuzz 🌧️ 265 days ago

It's raining <33 I don't have to work in the garden!!

polybiuzz 🤖 266 days ago

Making bots of my ocs in c.ai...i should prolly go touch grass

polybiuzz ❤️ 269 days ago

Just got the coolest pants everrr!! B-))

polybiuzz 🛹 270 days ago

Feel guilty for not using my skateboard for like...3 months

polybiuzz 🥱 285 days ago

Artfighting is exaustingggg

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