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polvotchi 🌧️ 2 days ago

i'm so lost .. feels like a void once again

polvotchi 💤 5 days ago

eepy ..! but i can't sleep.

polvotchi 🌈 20 days ago

happy pride month <3 i love lesbians

polvotchi ❤️ 20 days ago

i'm so happy ever since i met her ... i really think i'm in love ... i love her so much

polvotchi ❤️ 35 days ago

okay... okay!!! :,3c

polvotchi 🌧️ 37 days ago

oscillating between feeling very happy & very sad. i wish i wasn't such an overthinker

polvotchi ✨ 90 days ago

feeling very happy these days!

polvotchi ☀️ 104 days ago

sent gift packages for my friends :3 my heart is full!

polvotchi 🎨 110 days ago

here's a step i'll take to try and reach my dream. my passion.

polvotchi 💔 114 days ago

(sigh) when will i find you :(

polvotchi 😶 121 days ago

so much events scheduled for the whole feb .. kinda overwhelmed .. fatigue catching up to me

polvotchi 🥳 127 days ago

very happy today :D finally got to do the tasks i wanted ..! i've been out of the house a lot so i never had the time to sit down 'til now!

polvotchi 😭 131 days ago

the wifi is so slow :( i can't work on anything !

polvotchi 😇 136 days ago

going to try my best to be more organized this sem! i don't want to cram anymore ...

polvotchi 🥰 142 days ago

excited to code & use this >:3