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poisonousboba 📚 2 days ago

Thinking about what the death of a rock would be

poisonousboba 🎁 9 days ago

Sometimes things heal too quickly...?

poisonousboba 🎱 16 days ago

Hands hurting from drawing and playing piano so much

poisonousboba 🫖 25 days ago

The best 97 seconds of your life

poisonousboba 😯 27 days ago

I am grateful for anyone who pursues the humanities. How do you guys do this.

poisonousboba 💡 36 days ago

Don't think I'll return to social media anymore

poisonousboba 🍏 43 days ago

*Wait oh no key lime key lime guys I misspelled it

poisonousboba 😯 46 days ago

The buges are out to get me.........

poisonousboba 🌧️ 51 days ago

Failed calculus. It's like seeing a future where you might be happy crumble in front of you.

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