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poisonousboba 🍾 3 days ago

Very excited to start this comic after thumbnailing it (13=14 pages!)

poisonousboba ☀️ 7 days ago

Praying the build-paths on Eclipse don't start getting convoluted...

poisonousboba ❤️ 15 days ago

Going to try and draw something small everyday for the next week or so for Valentine's

poisonousboba 💻 18 days ago

I think it's due time for a break from social media for a while. I've got calculus to do instead!

poisonousboba 💤 23 days ago

Soft-locked myself out of the Teleport Maze in Yume Nikki :(

poisonousboba 🎱 24 days ago

Good news: did discontinuity homework. Bad news: I still don't know how discontinuities work

poisonousboba 🌱 48 days ago

Finished Attack on Titan today! I really like the idea that even if we'll never get a truly "good ending", we should keep trying anyways.

poisonousboba 🙂 50 days ago

I am Disco-ing that Elysium somehow

poisonousboba 🍏 55 days ago

Yames' horror games are so so good! Their sense of body horror is so well done

poisonousboba 🙂 62 days ago

Have been called a Redditor by my friends...my dignity is in shambles...I would never

poisonousboba 🫖 65 days ago

Christmas! Just a week away! Woohoo! Christmas! Can you believe it? Just a w

poisonousboba 🤔 80 days ago

They were right about the Power of Potluck

poisonousboba 🙂 81 days ago

Correction: Hbomberguy videos are like when Zeus comes from the skies and kills a man

poisonousboba 🎱 81 days ago

Hbomberguy videos are like a national holiday

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