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Louis | he/him | 17
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podminton 💤 18 days ago

Lazy, bored, lonely

podminton 👽 29 days ago

So much stuff to do but I'm so very lazy

podminton 🌧️ 103 days ago

I dont feel so good

podminton 👽 108 days ago

Taking a break from coding.... For now at least :o)

podminton 💤 114 days ago

having a sleepover at my boyfriend's tomorrow

podminton 😶 119 days ago

Feeling embarrassed

podminton 💤 123 days ago

Been very sleepy and busy...

podminton 📚 129 days ago

I forgot I have a religion exam tomorrow...

podminton 😶 135 days ago

Had an English exam today but I gotta wait ages before I have a ride home...

podminton 👽 136 days ago

I finally have some free time again

podminton 📚 143 days ago

I have so much school work overdue rn 😓