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plushiecryptid 👽 7 days ago

the weather is finally warming up here!! it was so nice and sunny today <3

plushiecryptid 👽 13 days ago

srry can't code rn... my stardew farm needs me...

plushiecryptid 👽 15 days ago

just preordered a doll i've wanted for 13 years it feels so good

plushiecryptid 👽 17 days ago

if you saw me playing stardew for 12 hrs straight today no u didn't

plushiecryptid 👽 19 days ago

main art site's homepage is finally done!!! i redid it like 3 times but its done!!!! woo!!!

plushiecryptid 👽 21 days ago

finally planning out my main art site... very intimidated but i'm still motivated...

plushiecryptid 👽 26 days ago

mmmm i made peanut butter cookies and now i'm downloading the stardew update :3

plushiecryptid 👽 29 days ago

i don't want to go to work today its so cold D:

plushiecryptid 👽 30 days ago

spinel su continues to be top tier, her fighting style is so cool

plushiecryptid 👽 31 days ago

almost done rewatching steven universe for the first time since it ended! i love this show

plushiecryptid 👽 34 days ago

yummm frozen mocha coffee for me :3c !

plushiecryptid 👽 34 days ago

finally made it to my days off this week, hopefully i'll get some coding or art done!