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20f, arthropod enjoyer, better on my site or my guestbook


plastictime 😶 1 day ago

Risin and grindin tomorrow

plastictime 🤔 20 days ago

please lord... chiefs loss pleaseee....

plastictime 🥳 26 days ago

sorry for inactivity, also I have cinnamon rolls yay

plastictime 🤔 35 days ago

Messin around with link animations

plastictime 💻 42 days ago

Installed stats software for this semester and got a new keyboard

plastictime 🙂 43 days ago

Full combo'd the enstars live challenge song

plastictime 😴 45 days ago

Need a coke but the roads are bad

plastictime 🤔 47 days ago

Turns out I gotta learn R this semester

plastictime ❄️ 48 days ago

Snow and winter blend coffee <3

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