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pixeldeath 🥺 45 days ago

my partner is coming to visit me on Saturday i'm so excited yet so nervous

pixeldeath ☀️ 45 days ago

pacesetter plushie dropped today already bought mine. i love my husband.

pixeldeath ❤️ 50 days ago

looking at things from 2023 this time of year vs now i'd say things are a lot better :)

pixeldeath 🙂 50 days ago

my qpp is freaked out because i started having auditory hallucinations last night in vc

pixeldeath ❤️ 51 days ago


pixeldeath 😭 54 days ago

my first situationship

pixeldeath ❤️ 56 days ago

i love every moment we spend together. it's a shame we're not meant to be in this universe.

pixeldeath 🙂 72 days ago

rediscovered a fandom i was in 10 years ago and i think its gonna become a special interest again </3

pixeldeath 💔 73 days ago

I wish these feelings would go away

pixeldeath 💔 78 days ago

daft punk - something about us

pixeldeath 🌧️ 78 days ago

another identity crisis. who am i

pixeldeath ☀️ 79 days ago

what a beautiful day outside time to spend it inside because toontown gaming

pixeldeath 🌧️ 80 days ago

everything feels like its getting worse idk how much more i can deal with

pixeldeath 🌧️ 104 days ago

got diagnosed with schizophrenia yesterday. new medicine gave me a headache. at least i'm going to be getting help finally.