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pixelblush ✨ 172 days ago

been working on the doll house portion of the site for a bit now and love how it's coming along! even managed to edit a tiny bit of java!

pixelblush ✨ 182 days ago

plans for a secret page linked on the homepage.. but for now, pokemon blush version updates and some margaritas !!

pixelblush ✨ 193 days ago

slightly updated colors on the index page! added a bit of glow to the main box too, but still need a noise overlay for some fuzziness

pixelblush 💻 197 days ago

more progress! added a secret link to the sticker book and blog archive that cycles between the two without having to go back to the index

pixelblush 💻 198 days ago

more website progress! still don't have the status cafe widget back up yet.. maybe it could go under miku on low opacity..

pixelblush 🥰 199 days ago

sticker book page has made progress! still needs a bg with more texture or something, but it looks nice and has some cuties on it also <3

pixelblush ✨ 199 days ago

still needs the status cafe box added, but the altered homepage layout looks so nice! more minimal & small screen friendly plus cute

pixelblush 💻 200 days ago

want to add a button to turn off .gif animations since the homepage has... quite a lot ^^; BUT that's uncharted coding territory aaaa @~@

pixelblush 🥳 200 days ago

sticker book page is looking nice! no back button yet, but the drop down nav is working!

pixelblush 💡 200 days ago

thinking up some new webpage designs for the sticker book & blog archive!

pixelblush 🥳 201 days ago

each page of the site has at least something on it now! very minimal, but it's progress

pixelblush ✨ 201 days ago

website has been glittered !!

pixelblush ✨ 202 days ago

dreaming up new cute evos for some of my fav retro pokemon, like snubbull & murkrow, to add into my fantasy region <3

pixelblush 🎮 202 days ago

website edits and maybe some other fun with pokemon tonight?

pixelblush 🙃 202 days ago

trying to figure out how to embed more than just the most recent status but.. java is confusing @.@

pixelblush 📺 203 days ago

finished elfen lied!

pixelblush ✨ 203 days ago

website update log revamp thanks to status.cafe !!