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pixel ☀️ 17 days ago

the weather today is nice but it's pretty windy

pixel 🔥 85 days ago

almost 37 degrees celsius outside man i'm melting

pixel ❄️ 294 days ago

we got snow in my town, a calamity even!

pixel 😶 298 days ago

i just got a heart attack from my past self lol

pixel 🚄 309 days ago

i was on a bus and some drunk guy thought he was the pope

pixel 🎷 320 days ago

music just hits different when it's on fm radio

pixel 😎 332 days ago

i got cool bluetooth earphones in exchange for old clothes

pixel 🙂 376 days ago

look who updated their status after 2 months

pixel ☕ 452 days ago