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curious cat


pinkvampyr 🥰 154 days ago

I'm like those men who tell women they would look more beautiful without all that makeup on but for men with abs

pinkvampyr 🌈 161 days ago

if God hates gays why do we keep winning!!!

pinkvampyr 😭 177 days ago

FINALLY got cutenews set up properly. thank god.

pinkvampyr 🙃 180 days ago

STOP SAYING SIMPING WHEN YOU MEAN THIRSTING. better yet stop saying simping period. lord.

pinkvampyr 💡 182 days ago

highly recommend trying a light box if you have SAD or if you have trouble waking up early mine was really inexpensive and it's helped a lot

pinkvampyr 💔 183 days ago

white people please stop using AAVE and go back to using shit like "holy mackerel" you used to love "holy mackerel"

pinkvampyr 🙃 185 days ago

switched back to protonvpn. airvpn was just too damn slow for torrenting. ugh. i miss mullvad but they got rid of port forwarding so :'^/

pinkvampyr 🙂 186 days ago

if I see even one more instance of nonblack people using "habitual be" incorrectly/as a funny meme phrase I'm gonna go nuts.

pinkvampyr 🙂 187 days ago

dammit...i should have watched Friday the 13th yesterday

pinkvampyr 👀 190 days ago

tomorrow is my birthday big deal...

pinkvampyr 🙃 203 days ago

dogs not understanding that some things are not for eating <- bane of my existence

pinkvampyr 🙃 207 days ago

WELP. goodbye mullvad vpn. it was good while it lasted.

pinkvampyr 🥳 212 days ago

I finally did it! I finally finished house of leaves!!

pinkvampyr 😭 214 days ago

the personal site propaganda is not working on my friends...what do i do .

pinkvampyr ☀️ 215 days ago

was feeling overwhelmed so i did some exercise and now i feel normal

pinkvampyr 🤔 222 days ago

Nimona was a really fun movie but I feel like they really dumbed down the themes of systemic oppression and made Ballister less intelligent

pinkvampyr 💀 225 days ago

the play store page for the tumblr app is 1 and 2 star reviews as far as the eye can see. the three top reviews are all one star HSGSJDBDJD

pinkvampyr 😛 228 days ago

weeeeee!!! yippeeeeee!!

pinkvampyr 😭 231 days ago

my muscles are killing me augh. I'm never exercising again.

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