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pinkvampyr 🙂 2 days ago

WELP. goodbye mullvad vpn. it was good while it lasted.

pinkvampyr 🥳 7 days ago

I finally did it! I finally finished house of leaves!!

pinkvampyr 😭 9 days ago

the personal site propaganda is not working on my friends...what do i do .

pinkvampyr ☀️ 11 days ago

was feeling overwhelmed so i did some exercise and now i feel normal

pinkvampyr 🤔 17 days ago

Nimona was a really fun movie but I feel like they really dumbed down the themes of systemic oppression and made Ballister less intelligent

pinkvampyr 💀 20 days ago

the play store page for the tumblr app is 1 and 2 star reviews as far as the eye can see. the three top reviews are all one star HSGSJDBDJD

pinkvampyr 😛 23 days ago

weeeeee!!! yippeeeeee!!

pinkvampyr 😭 27 days ago

my muscles are killing me augh. I'm never exercising again.

pinkvampyr 🤔 28 days ago

does have a built in RSS feed or

pinkvampyr 🐱 33 days ago

catbox went down please people see the error of your ways just host your files on-site!!! catbox is blocked in multiple countries anyway!!!!

pinkvampyr 🤒 37 days ago

got catcalled on my walk with Lillie today :/

pinkvampyr 🙂 37 days ago

*hushed whispering* listen. listen. neocities is great and all. but other hosts have server side includes. that is all. *disappears*

pinkvampyr 🤔 39 days ago

does anyone even use those Samsung "flip phones" they look dumb as hell and they're ridiculously expensive I've never seen one irl

pinkvampyr 💀 41 days ago

stop bein weirdly hostile about mobile friendly sites. touch screen devices can be accessibility tools & not everyone has a computer. chill.

pinkvampyr 💡 43 days ago

heads up to anyone using catbox that its blocked in a lot of countries! don't use it to host your images or your site will be all donked up

pinkvampyr 🙂 44 days ago

okay nvm cpanel isn't that hard I was just overwhelmed by all the stuff that I didn't need to focus on.

pinkvampyr 💀 45 days ago

just signed up for Leprd and I opened up the Cpanel and immediately am overwhelmed. God help me.

pinkvampyr 🔥 45 days ago

i dont understand js I'm going to blow up the whole entire world.

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