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Hallo and welcome!

Boy I, boy I, boy I know, you know I got the feels, boy I, boy I, boy I know: The current mood of borahae at


pinksushi 💻 5 days ago

Yoongi, stay safe and good luck! Anyway, for web update, I'm doing the final check on the first part of my About page before it goes live.

pinksushi 🎮 18 days ago

I'm skipping the current Splatfest again. Other than that, happy 1st anniversary Splatoon 3!

pinksushi 💻 29 days ago

I am almost done with my About Me page!

pinksushi 😭 36 days ago

Charles Martinet stepped down as voicing Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi. Oh well...

pinksushi 🙂 39 days ago

Working on my About page as well as other links that go in there.

pinksushi 📚 59 days ago

I might come back doing book reviews again

pinksushi 👀 75 days ago

OMG, the explicit version of Seven by Jungkook feat. Latto is... holy snap.

pinksushi 🙂 86 days ago

Got a free bus ride due to the broken machine.

pinksushi 😶 107 days ago

I had a small bad experience with the clerk a few days ago. Boo...

pinksushi 📚 120 days ago

I forgot to update my reading sprint. RIP.