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Hi I'm Pim. I mainly use this to update my current status on my neocities website. I am a computer science student interested in web development and old web revival.


pim 🙃 5 days ago

been so tired and stressed lately. and i just used up all my WFH days for the week >_<

pim 🙂 10 days ago

feeling grateful to all the things that have gone right in my life today

pim 🌈 22 days ago

ahhhhh the weekend

pim 🙂 31 days ago

i wanted this job so bad but now i know the horrors of the working world

pim 🥱 44 days ago

i need to rest but i dont know how

pim 🌱 45 days ago

i am a murderess >:D

pim ☕️ 52 days ago

i'm an early bird today ^-^

pim 😭 52 days ago

i am receiving Emails. pray for me

pim 😎 52 days ago

i am employed

pim 😭 53 days ago

left my phone at bf's house

pim 🥗 54 days ago

ahhh i should make that pork and cabbage over rice recipe

pim 😭 58 days ago

help i am being Contacted by employers

pim ✨ 65 days ago

keep your eyes open for auroras in your area if ur in North America, should be some in the next few days

pim 😭 67 days ago


pim 🌧️ 68 days ago

thunderstorm at night save me... thunderstorm at night. save me thunderstorm at night.

pim 💔 68 days ago

feeling numb

pim ✨ 74 days ago

fingers crossed i get the job

pim 💔 75 days ago

want to do stuff but i feel paralyzed

pim 💤 79 days ago

sooooooo tired today. wanna sleeeeep

pim 🤩 81 days ago

i'm finally going to the art gallery with my boyfriend today :D

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