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pianobonds ❤️ 42 days ago

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone~

pianobonds 🌧️ 52 days ago

i swear it felt like i havent enjoyed living at all for the previous 2 years but still persists for some reason

pianobonds 📚 59 days ago

I finished my library lobby page 🎉

pianobonds ☕️ 61 days ago

You know even your country doesn't accept its new president when it starts signaling with 100+ earthquakes

pianobonds 🥱 66 days ago

nothing happened on 18 march 2024

pianobonds ❄️ 67 days ago

kulkas LG 2 pintu minat inbok

pianobonds 🙂 69 days ago

Jokowi could do a funny with the winning candidate right now, that would boost everyone's moral, i think

pianobonds 🤔 374 days ago

Why is milk tea so expensive nowadays..