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phoenix 🌧️ 1 hour ago

would have been a really beautiful day if it didn't rain so much

phoenix 🤔 8 hours ago

site previews take too long to update...

phoenix 😴 23 hours ago

yayyy html and css

phoenix 🙂 2 days ago

i love worldbuilding

phoenix ☀️ 8 days ago

i should really start a journal

phoenix 😴 11 days ago

afflicted with procrastination

phoenix ❄️ 13 days ago

snow again...

phoenix 🙂 14 days ago

got a haircut for the first time in a while, i missed having short(er) hair

phoenix 🙂 16 days ago

ummm.... hi ^_^

phoenix 🤐 21 days ago


phoenix 🌧️ 25 days ago

rip 🐈 i'll miss you so much

phoenix 🙂 27 days ago

fallout: new vegas ^_^

phoenix 😴 30 days ago

why are steam downloads so slooowwww

phoenix 🥰 34 days ago

raspberry lemon cake...

phoenix 😴 35 days ago

hmm. perhaps i will draw soon

phoenix 😡 35 days ago

i hate my job sooo much

phoenix 😯 36 days ago

oops! new layout (again)

phoenix 🙂 36 days ago

text-only site design can be so delightful

phoenix 💀 38 days ago

this work week is going to be miserable

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