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phoenix 🥳 44 days ago

might be quitting my job soon

phoenix 👀 46 days ago

i missed the ol' black & white layout

phoenix 🙂 47 days ago

hope everyone had a lovely fool's day

phoenix 🌈 47 days ago

finally deleted my tumblr peace and love on planet earth

phoenix 🧋 52 days ago

i want boba tea sooo bad

phoenix 💀 54 days ago

i wish ts4 gameplay didnt suck so badly

phoenix 🌧️ 56 days ago


phoenix 😴 61 days ago

sorry for the lack of updates, i've had no inspiration lately

phoenix 🥰 62 days ago

got my septum re-pierced yayyy

phoenix 💀 68 days ago

i've been neglecting my own projects too much lately smh

phoenix 💔 70 days ago

always feels bad to drop an old friend even if they're terrible

phoenix 😇 72 days ago

lalala i love not using social media

phoenix 💀 74 days ago

sending my coworkers incredible negative energy with my mind

phoenix 🥰 76 days ago

fear & hunger is sooo good

phoenix 🌧️ 77 days ago

rain.......... go away

phoenix ☕️ 78 days ago

dates and times really suck to work with <- bad at math

phoenix 💻 79 days ago

i should really simplify my code

phoenix 🌧️ 80 days ago

would have been a really beautiful day if it didn't rain so much

phoenix 🤔 80 days ago

site previews take too long to update...

phoenix 😴 80 days ago

yayyy html and css

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