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phexe 🙂 200 days ago

work got me another monitor >:3 time for more netflix all day

phexe 🙂 225 days ago

Tamagotchi uni really shaping up to be my fave tama so far aaaa. Gotta add a shrine on my page for it!

phexe 🐶 227 days ago

Im exploring a totally different career for the first time since i started working and its so scary but so exciting at the same time.

phexe 🥰 229 days ago

omg I just realised I got the new tamogotchi uni a week before release?! This is so cool she's so cute

phexe 😱 243 days ago

work trip begins today!

phexe 😱 244 days ago

Work is letting me play with a super cool 3D scanner for a week! Will make a blog!

phexe 🐶 247 days ago

I wanna work on my site but i also want to paly diablo with my boyfriend aaaaaaaaaaa the world needs to give me more time! too many things a

phexe 🤖 247 days ago

back to work we go

phexe 😇 248 days ago

Gonna meet some friends i havnt seen for years again tonight! Very excited!

phexe 🥹 249 days ago

I totally restarted my personal webpage and im filled with inspiration and ideas but im stuck at work ahhh! i wanna work on things!