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petalbrookebay 🙂 45 days ago

Yup, I was indeed worrying too much, although he did seem to have had a bad day.

petalbrookebay 🥺 46 days ago

Worried about my friend but also worrying that I'm overthinking worrying for him...;u;

petalbrookebay 😭 235 days ago

I'm very impatient for the possibly fake refurbished Motorola Razr V3 I ordered a few days ago

petalbrookebay 🙃 317 days ago

Really wanna finish up my new blog layout ;u;

petalbrookebay 🥰 324 days ago

I impulse bought an iPod video last night. Can't wait to get it!

petalbrookebay 🤔 338 days ago

I'm done with school! Maybe I can update the site again? Hm? Hmm? HMMM?

petalbrookebay 💻 388 days ago

Welp, haven't touched my site in a while. It was nice adding some new things tonight ouo

petalbrookebay 🥳 404 days ago

I did it, I finished Sonic Adventure! It's also the first Sonic game I've beat! :D

petalbrookebay 🎮 405 days ago

Gonna try and beat up this Chaos dude

petalbrookebay ❄️ 410 days ago

Another snow storm, another day I still gotta go to class uwu

petalbrookebay ❄️ 415 days ago

Skipped class out of spite. This school is allergic to closing, not even dangerous ice stops class for a full day...

petalbrookebay 🥳 417 days ago


petalbrookebay 😶 418 days ago

Long statuses fuck up my enter button, whoops

petalbrookebay 🙂 419 days ago

I'm starting to think college isn't for me, but at the same time this is my 2nd attempt. I don't want to waste my parent's money again...

petalbrookebay 🤔 421 days ago

Kind of annoyed. A seller I bought from went silent and negative reviews are rolling in with the same experience...

petalbrookebay 💤 422 days ago

Time for a nap attempt before doing more ASD evaluation searching uwu

petalbrookebay 🥰 423 days ago

Didn't get exactly what I wanted but I still spent some time with him yesterday , yay! nwn

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