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petalbrookebay ❤️ 1 day ago

Very happy with some new clothes I bought. Can't wait to buy more! nwn

petalbrookebay 🎨 2 days ago

I have so much art due tomorrow, I don't think I can go to bed at a decent hour tonight ono

petalbrookebay ❄️ 3 days ago

Still very cold out. I dunno if I should go out to the cafeteria later

petalbrookebay ❄️ 5 days ago

I have to go out in 2 degree weather while back at home, others are out of school ;u;

petalbrookebay 💤 5 days ago

Decided to skip classes today and I still feel guilty, yaayy

petalbrookebay 😴 7 days ago

I'm really not ready for 7 hours of back to back classes today ;u;

petalbrookebay 🎲 8 days ago

I played uno for the first time in over a decade. Was enjoyable, but it was kind of a forced interaction

petalbrookebay 😡 9 days ago

I would love to get some school work done, It's Sundaayy

petalbrookebay 🍫 10 days ago

I bought chocolate earlier and I'm really craving it right now

petalbrookebay 🤔 10 days ago

I need to eat before 2 since I'm expecting groceries to come between 2-3. It's 12 and I'm still in bed...

petalbrookebay 🙃 11 days ago

Uploaded the doll a bit ago and I already spot a mistake, oh fun

petalbrookebay 🥰 12 days ago

I made my first pixel doll last night! Dunno when I'll post it though

petalbrookebay 🌮 12 days ago

I need food, my schedule doesn't allow me to eat meals much ;u;

petalbrookebay 😴 14 days ago

I need to go to bed on time tonight but I know damn well I won't uwu

petalbrookebay 😭 15 days ago

It's only been a week and I'm already tired of the 3 hour classes...

petalbrookebay 😶 15 days ago

I'm dumb, I tried solving math questions I simply just had to copy. Completely forgot I was doing a tutorial.

petalbrookebay 🥱 16 days ago

I still have to go to class despite the mini blizzard that happened throughout the entire night and right now…

petalbrookebay 🙃 16 days ago

I posted my latest blog post onto a reddit I've been lurking. Now I kinda regret it. My worries are being validated ;u;

petalbrookebay 😭 16 days ago

My fingers are hurting from using the trackpad ;u; I think it's a sensory thing...

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