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haii!! :3 my old status's are kinda embarrassing


pawzcake 💤 2 days ago

i hate everuithing sad face

pawzcake 🐱 8 days ago

are you kitten me right meow

pawzcake 💔 8 days ago

guh... hungry.......

pawzcake ☀️ 9 days ago

not gonna lie i feel horrible right now

pawzcake 🌙 9 days ago

I learned to stay true to myself By watching myself die

pawzcake 💤 10 days ago

why have i had only nightmares for the past 4 days

pawzcake 😱 11 days ago

i am crying over a fictional character right now... erm!!!

pawzcake 😭 11 days ago

NO ONE GETS HIM LIKE I DO... ily steven quartz universe.........

pawzcake 🙂 11 days ago

FUCK i forgot to add a contact page to my about

pawzcake 👽 12 days ago

i love self sabotaging!!!!!!!!

pawzcake 😶 14 days ago

sighh why does everyone suck

pawzcake 👽 16 days ago

excited for the con

pawzcake 👽 16 days ago

excited for the convention and trying to get people to buy my comms

pawzcake 🥳 21 days ago

New hot topic opened up in my province!! time 2 splurge

pawzcake 🌈 67 days ago

playing animal jam guys add me: Lilanteater

pawzcake 💔 67 days ago

genuinely so fucking upset

pawzcake 💾 67 days ago


pawzcake 🌈 68 days ago

i love animal jam

pawzcake 💔 80 days ago


pawzcake 🌈 103 days ago

my discords so cool guys go join

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