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pawsense 🙂 104 days ago

bleh site's still broken, gotta fix it up and upload the blog posts i did to prep it for the cohost webring

pawsense 💤 141 days ago

honk mimimimimimi

pawsense 🎮 317 days ago

just finished playing purrgatory last night... could not recommend it more!! stellar experience aaaa

pawsense 🌈 385 days ago

it's gay month!!!!! :0

pawsense 🐶 436 days ago

dogs are too loud. and for what. cats know what's up

pawsense 💻 442 days ago

the yesterweb forum being deleted soon is really kind of devastating... i hope i can find somewhere like it eventually

pawsense 💔 444 days ago

kinda neglected my site for a while... things are busy sometimes!! i'll fall back into a rhythm soon

pawsense 🏆 462 days ago

still reeling aaaaaa

pawsense 🎮 467 days ago

DBATEOT only 9 hours away!!!!!

pawsense 🙂 471 days ago

mi pilin pona! ^^

pawsense 🎨 486 days ago

petscii art looks so cool... gotta learn how to do it eventually

pawsense ❤️ 492 days ago

happy valentines!!

pawsense 🎮 497 days ago

hatterene series SV #2 coming up!! i'll be playing in it :D

pawsense 📺 499 days ago

still thinking about madoka magica.. so good....

pawsense 🌈 506 days ago

ante kulupu li sewi! soweli ni li tonsi