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moi is bird on branch & wire


passerine 🏂 7 days ago

i will become 6a climber. believe it !!!!

passerine 🥳 22 days ago

work's been lighter this week!

passerine 💾 35 days ago

just trying to deal w it

passerine 🌙 37 days ago

i have two job interviews tomorrow & i'm prepared for neither

passerine 🥳 43 days ago

leftover chinese & thai for lunch today! extreme bliss

passerine 😭 46 days ago

i'm in some forest at least once a month & the first time i get fucked by a higad it's because it was in my pajama pants at home

passerine 🎲 46 days ago

tonight i play d&d and dm for my friends after a very long hiatus. (it was my fault) i will do my best !

passerine 🙃 51 days ago

dreading today because i can alr see how much work they've assigned me

passerine ☕️ 51 days ago

i'm thankful my brother bought me milk even if it is the wrong kind of milk

passerine 🥹 52 days ago

ik it's not good but i cannot stop touching my new tattoo

passerine 🏆 57 days ago

perpetual t1 fan actually

passerine 💤 58 days ago

they won't let me sign out of work yet but i don't think they're going to pay for my overtime either