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SUBURBAN PARTY ARTIST: Raves and UK Youth Culture with a Queer Feminist Lens.


partyargot 🌈 120 days ago

found my kofi password lessgoooooo

partyargot 🙃 171 days ago

im working on halloweeeeen why

partyargot 🙂 177 days ago

came across the same weird ass site through pure chance again neocities might be smaller than i thought

partyargot 😎 198 days ago

called my granddad i dont get to speak to much, even tho i get nervous to call people. If ur reading this call ur loved onesss

partyargot 😡 228 days ago

gotta leave the house early for an inspection boo landlords

partyargot 🥱 238 days ago

all is well im listening to a skream stella set n ive done my washing and dishes

partyargot ✏️ 239 days ago

taking a mental rest before my birthday weekend. i listened to home video by lucy dacus. it was very good but didnt make me feel any better.

partyargot 🔥 240 days ago

inspired and determined!!