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pansyseed 🎶 553 days ago

i have started playing colorful stage and i am medium okay at it but i am having a good time and love saki and an

pansyseed 🐶 576 days ago

t-30 minutes until my job interview uwaaaaaaaaa

pansyseed ✨ 576 days ago

madoka, if you're out there,

pansyseed 🥰 579 days ago

i've been on a call with my friends for seven hours :') i love them

pansyseed 🐶 582 days ago

i will now proceed to sleep for the next three weeks

pansyseed ✏️ 583 days ago

math final exam time...! wish me luck!!

pansyseed 🎶 585 days ago

song of the day: children of the city - mili

pansyseed 🐶 587 days ago

gonna be a bit of a busy day today! hopefully a good one though

pansyseed 🥳 592 days ago

chag pesach sameach!