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paintkiller 👽 179 days ago

Feck everything, eat Burger King at midnite.

paintkiller 🥺 182 days ago

My coworker is playing the same annoying guitar riff over and over again and I'm about to snap!

paintkiller 🥺 190 days ago

Not lookin' forward to all the work our landlord is about to do around our house, gonna be a huge inconvenience.

paintkiller 😎 196 days ago

Fairly high listening to jungle music, proper Friday night vibes.

paintkiller ❤️ 212 days ago

Feeling a bit rejuvinated after hanging out with my oldest daughter. She's neat.

paintkiller 💀 216 days ago

Here comes the gray cloud...

paintkiller 😎 218 days ago

Drinkin, smokin, listenin to drum'n'bass Twitch streams while there's a huge thunderstorm goin on outside. Ain't mad.

paintkiller 😎 219 days ago

Lovin' workin' on the ole website SO much.

paintkiller 😶 222 days ago

Drank a whole lotta beer and Evan Williams this weeekend. I ain't mad at it.

paintkiller 😭 223 days ago

Gutted that I have to miss an aweome show tonight with Soulslinger, Scientist, Jonny Osborne, Cut Chemist, and more.

paintkiller 😡 225 days ago

REALLY fuckin' annoyed with what's goin' on with Neocities the last 24 hours.

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