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paintkiller 😶 462 days ago

What a week and a half 2023 has already turned into. Feeling decent and hoping that turns to fantastic by the end of the year.

paintkiller 😶 467 days ago

Things have gotten so off the rails in my family, I don't even actualy factually know what to do.

paintkiller 🙂 481 days ago

Just happy and nourished feeling after spending the holiday eve with my kids.

paintkiller 😎 483 days ago

Feelin' re-purposed in my original purpose.

paintkiller 👽 486 days ago

I clearly have no fucking idea what the fuck I am actually fucking doing.

paintkiller 😡 515 days ago

Annoyed I'm having so many troubles getting my custom domain working properly, ugh.

paintkiller 😎 531 days ago

Just chillin' - for once no crazy stuff is goin' on in my life, just normal day to day shit, and I am rather enjoying it.

paintkiller 😎 541 days ago

Over The Rona, back to the office, and painfully aware I need to update my Now page.

paintkiller 🤔 547 days ago

Nearly three years into the thing with only a slight scare or two and The Rona finally got me, ugh.

paintkiller 👽 550 days ago

Feelin' like a stranger in a strange land more and more each day.

paintkiller 👽 553 days ago

Definitely feeling like an alien in an alien ladscape.

paintkiller 🥺 563 days ago

Got jumped while out for a walk to pay rent today. I hate this city - rather, I hate what it's become. Humans suck.

paintkiller 👽 570 days ago

Feck everything, eat Burger King at midnite.

paintkiller 🥺 573 days ago

My coworker is playing the same annoying guitar riff over and over again and I'm about to snap!

paintkiller 🥺 581 days ago

Not lookin' forward to all the work our landlord is about to do around our house, gonna be a huge inconvenience.

paintkiller 😎 587 days ago

Fairly high listening to jungle music, proper Friday night vibes.

paintkiller ❤️ 603 days ago

Feeling a bit rejuvinated after hanging out with my oldest daughter. She's neat.

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