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painterfight 🍕 111 days ago

ate Domino's Pizza for dinner, yum :D I'm gearing up for Indonesian Comic Con tomorrow!

painterfight 📚 118 days ago

I really want to work on my fanfics but nooo my interest kept piquing on That One Webnovel Idea I Had

painterfight 📖 229 days ago

Was buying some books on a mall when I stumbled across an -ology book in the wild O__O Now I need to buy it sometime!

painterfight 🎮 249 days ago

I got my 3ds fixed! Hooray!!

painterfight 😱 256 days ago

PRETEND YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING FROM MY AO3 READING HISTORY. (My account is KatTheMusical but thank god I deleted it earlier, phew)

painterfight 📱 264 days ago

Oh yeah but I haven't made an introduction yet. so. Hi hello everyone

painterfight 🥺 264 days ago

(sigh) rest in peace vanguard zero....