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die trying


pachimaroo 🙂 15 hours ago

i finally put a 20 minute timer on twitter hopefully im less bitter soon

pachimaroo 🙂 18 hours ago

"shame your not the fun/cool type of autisti-" shut up

pachimaroo 🙂 22 hours ago

SOMEONE needs to fake my death alr

pachimaroo 💻 1 day ago

i think i might actually do artfight for the first time this year cause i like drawing other peoples characters with no deadline

pachimaroo ❤️ 1 day ago

i think about madotsuki so much

pachimaroo 💀 2 days ago

people who like owl house are annoying

pachimaroo 💻 2 days ago

i wish i didnt get scared so bad by .flow so i could actually play it

pachimaroo 😡 3 days ago

why tf does my fic on ao3 only have 9 hits erm............

pachimaroo 😶 6 days ago

im still lowkey pissed idc anymore

pachimaroo 😡 7 days ago

i deleted something in my fucking html code on my profile and it fucked EVERYTHING up im so pissed

pachimaroo ❤️ 9 days ago

humbled by the fact that even if i die my posts online will still remain

pachimaroo 😡 9 days ago

im so fucking awkward how do i make friends

pachimaroo 🎶 9 days ago

bitch i forgot how good machine girl is omh

pachimaroo 💻 10 days ago

such a nice night to surf the web and update my site :)<3 (smiley with balls)

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