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die trying


pachimaroo 🙂 315 days ago

going to work be like everyone reminding me of my dead relative

pachimaroo 🙂 325 days ago

today is not the day for yt music to be acting up i need you i cant handle the fucking kitchen noise

pachimaroo 🌧️ 337 days ago

my grandpa is dying

pachimaroo 😡 343 days ago

fuck everyone who is unemployed you bitches annoy me

pachimaroo 💔 354 days ago

sobs i damn near got carpet tunnel from clicking so hard and i didnt even get a shiny shroodle i hate this game

pachimaroo ❤️ 355 days ago

shitty work day but at least someone called me their fave mutual hehe

pachimaroo 🌧️ 361 days ago

i hope my coworkers like me

pachimaroo 🙂 361 days ago

i actually really liked elemental

pachimaroo 💔 364 days ago

i start my new job today im so scared

pachimaroo 🙂 367 days ago

nned a game to play

pachimaroo 🙂 368 days ago

toxic + shitty + loser + ugly + girl + mean

pachimaroo 🙂 368 days ago

why did my ipad have to shatter over vacation

pachimaroo 🌱 370 days ago

its good to be back

pachimaroo 🙂 380 days ago

so i got a locked safe to keep my weird shit in

pachimaroo 💻 382 days ago

actually been kinda a good day so far

pachimaroo 🤩 382 days ago

mOOOOOOoooom syds being autistic again

pachimaroo 🔥 385 days ago

bitter + angry + dont care also fuck you

pachimaroo 💾 385 days ago

i need a locked safe to keep my weird shit in

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