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p2iimon 🙂 38 days ago

hi i have plans

p2iimon 😛 113 days ago

i got through all of them!!!!! i picked out 625 of the 11000

p2iimon 💤 115 days ago

about 2 weeks... 2000 more to go... they got samey. i will do it

p2iimon 😴 126 days ago

ive been sorting through 11000 blinkies for like 4 days... 7000 left!!

p2iimon 😛 166 days ago

im back for real this time. for a bit

p2iimon ❄️ 192 days ago

its time. for winter

p2iimon ❄️ 200 days ago

i need to update it to the winter theme

p2iimon 🤐 236 days ago

im bored of pony of the week sorry!!!

p2iimon 🙃 237 days ago

sorry guys i got bored of neocities for a while

p2iimon 🎮 259 days ago

epic minecraft

p2iimon ❤️ 266 days ago

ough. boyfring...