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just a bunch of silly little guys


owlhari 🌙 27 days ago

nothing like finally figuring out a bunch of tech stuff to make me feel super smart and cool

owlhari 😱 84 days ago

preparing to move hosts and also thinking about remaking my blog site... hm

owlhari 📚 86 days ago

first day of classes aaaaaa

owlhari 🎨 108 days ago

attempting to code an art gallery with jquery when i should be sleeping

owlhari 🤐 123 days ago

winter break means i have so many project ideas and i actually work on none of them

owlhari 🤔 160 days ago

lowkey thinking about entirely revamping my site's layout grahhhhh

owlhari 💻 181 days ago

every code issue i've ever been super frustrated by has been a silly typo. you'd think i'd learn my lesson but nope.

owlhari 📚 206 days ago

i am the bearer of the curse (so many assignments.)

owlhari ☀️ 225 days ago

what if i entirely revamped my biggest oc world and changed the setting completely <- suffering

owlhari 🌧️ 233 days ago

when ur hit with every kind of artist's block at once and can't even code... rip

owlhari 💾 247 days ago

i wanna change up the layout of my index page, but also. the autistic hatred for change

owlhari ✨ 250 days ago

i caved and made an account here, hello world :D