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ormulum 🙂 32 days ago

back back back, dunno for how long offline times is good times

ormulum 🙂 71 days ago

gotta take a break from all of everything. back soon

ormulum 😴 73 days ago

dreamed i lived in a walkable city. it had an arcade where i could play donkey kong.

ormulum 😎 78 days ago

working up a solution to an assignment which might be either really smart, or really boneheaded, i cant tell

ormulum 🛹 82 days ago

disappearing into a pokemon speedrun rabbithole

ormulum 🥰 87 days ago

eatin double to get that ms pac man look

ormulum ✨ 93 days ago

Make-up! Jewels! Dresses! I want it all!

ormulum 🎱 96 days ago

every tool is a weapon if you hold it right... even neocities???

ormulum 🤖 100 days ago

collating my uni notes in a vimwiki to convert into personal site. turns out all i wanna do in life is fuck around with html and make sites.

ormulum ☕️ 101 days ago

lazy day lazy day feeling lazy lazy lazy

ormulum 🌈 104 days ago

wth hormones are actually making me beautiful

ormulum 🌈 107 days ago

today was a very good day, wish every day could be like today, what a good day

ormulum ☕️ 110 days ago

not to only ever post weather talk, but omg it's actually a bit cold today! i love it!! this forever plz!!!

ormulum 🌱 112 days ago

don't know if I want it to be autumn yet, but i'd sure love to have some weather that wasn't uncomfortably hot and/or humid

ormulum 📖 114 days ago

i'm getting more excited about returning for postgrad, this could be a lot of fun

ormulum 💤 116 days ago

whatta week

ormulum 💔 117 days ago

i hope my car survives its repairs. i fkn hate cars but i like this one, gonna be heartbroken if it goes

ormulum 🧋 118 days ago

getting bubble tea today!!!

ormulum 🛹 119 days ago

today is a good day for an adventure

ormulum 🥰 120 days ago

ahh so happy my registration went through! hello cafe!