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i have a disease you know?

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ophanimkei 😭 250 days ago

it's 4am and i'm still working on this lab

ophanimkei 💻 250 days ago

no time to be sad! lots of work to do

ophanimkei 😭 251 days ago

the school's wifi bans my image host so half the pages i worked on i can't see while on wifi

ophanimkei ❄️ 252 days ago

it's so cold to me. people are out in shorts and t-shirts and i'm freezing

ophanimkei 🥳 252 days ago

I'm free from the equations! (for now)

ophanimkei 📚 253 days ago

i dont wanna solve logarithmic equations anymore

ophanimkei 😭 253 days ago

it never ends <-- talking about math

ophanimkei 📚 253 days ago

trying to decide if i should go to the library. struggling to focus in my room (as evidenced by me updating my status cafe)

ophanimkei 😭 255 days ago

i think i'm getting burned out on a lot of my hobbies..

ophanimkei ❤️ 255 days ago

successfully migrated! going to work on page redirects later :D

ophanimkei 💻 258 days ago

teacake makes me SO EXCITED!!!!! there's so much!! i'd be done migrating if i stopped obsessing over all the features!!!!

ophanimkei 😭 258 days ago

i need to be reminded to take my meds because i'm going insane lol!!!!

ophanimkei 💻 258 days ago

Anyway. Note! I am preparing to migrate hosts. Wish me luck!

ophanimkei 🌈 258 days ago

The webring is nice and clean now.. It is my child..

ophanimkei 🌧️ 259 days ago

neocities makes me anxious :') i kind of want to migrate to teacake but ahh.. difficult

ophanimkei 🙂 260 days ago

i want to join some cliques.. i think i'll put my energy into that. i wonder if there's a list of cliques somewhere

ophanimkei 🙃 260 days ago

you always do this T_T

ophanimkei 💤 261 days ago

i feel like i'm really neglecting my website but i'm just so sleepy and busy

ophanimkei 😭 261 days ago

okay. i need to compress the art i've made and add it to my gallery page..

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