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omni 🎮 4 days ago

considering getting into touhou, just need to find out where to start.

omni 🫖 6 days ago

it's been a while since i've had something to drink other than coffee and water, this tea tastes great!!

omni 📰 7 days ago

how is it the 22nd of march already???

omni 🎨 17 days ago

looking forward to drawing later on today.

omni 🎮 35 days ago

making ponytown characters is simultaneously so stressful and relaxing. horse game please give me a break.

omni ☕️ 52 days ago

sleep schedule ruined again.

omni 💤 58 days ago

why am i so tired all the time.

omni 🌙 68 days ago

i'm starting to really enjoy blue and yellow as a colour combination.

omni ☕️ 69 days ago

cat broke my sister's mug. don't think she'll be happy about it once she wakes up.

omni 🌧️ 69 days ago

too busy daydreaming to finish up the wip art and writing i have for the website. when will this end.

omni 🌙 83 days ago

ghosts are always your friends!

omni 💻 85 days ago


omni 📖 86 days ago

finished the first volume of the soul eater manga, can't wait to get the second one!

omni 🌈 87 days ago

happy 2023 everyone! hope this year isn't as gruelling as the last few.

omni 💻 91 days ago

here comes that classic wave of misery.

omni ☕️ 92 days ago

maybe i should cut back on how much coffee i drink, it's always over 6 cups daily.

omni ❄️ 94 days ago

though it's christmas, i'm more so looking forward to the new year.

omni ❄️ 94 days ago

it's christmas day over here! happy holidays, everyone!

omni 💤 96 days ago

anddd school is over! going to sleep for 13 hours to get my energy back.

omni 📖 96 days ago

last day of school. can't wait to have 2 weeks off so i can focus on my site.

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