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always sleepy, always tired. (they/them).


omni 🎶 6 days ago

chuchu lovely munimuni muramura PRIN PRIN BORON NURURU RERORERO!!!!!!!

omni 🎨 15 days ago

i have not touched my sketchbook in such a long time, holy hell.

omni 🎶 16 days ago

you know what, i'll say it. i prefer flandre's stage theme to her boss theme in eosd. it's so playful and light hearted.

omni 💤 21 days ago

i have got to stop pulling all-nighters. i always either stay awake for well over 48 hours or i immediately collapse the second it hits 9am.

omni 💻 22 days ago

"by using our website, you agree to our privacy polic-" no. closing my tab. goodbye.

omni 🌙 23 days ago

can't wait for christmas so that i can dress up like lain and say "present day! present time! ohohohohoho!"

omni ☕️ 24 days ago

good morning internet it is nearly the end of august. i'm not ready.

omni 🎶 27 days ago

god i adore machine girl. every time i listen to their music i feel like my brain is being scraped with a rusting rake.

omni 📰 29 days ago many things to do...

omni 💻 33 days ago

hello from a different os! very glad i no longer have to cope with windows 11.

omni 💻 36 days ago

goodbye windows 11, you will not be missed.

omni 🎱 39 days ago

these days, i am very busy doing nothing at all.

omni 🌙 41 days ago

i'm so glad that the komaedalovemail wiki is filled to the brim with details and paragraphs for me to read. yes!! fuel my autism further!!!!

omni 🎱 43 days ago

he is happy. he is rare. HE IS VERY EXPENSIVE.

omni 💤 45 days ago

going to collapse from exhaustion goodnight (morning) internet.

omni 💻 46 days ago

thinking about what to add to the future ponytown page on my website.

omni ✨ 47 days ago

the sky is very blue today.

omni 💻 48 days ago

fnaf has nothing on the absolute jumpscare that is my website's page views (it terrifies me).

omni 🎶 59 days ago

listening to look at me tenderly by goreshit. it's my favourite song of his.

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