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always sleepy, always tired.


omni 💻 3 hours ago

on the computer, doing computer things.

omni 🎶 34 days ago

face reality.

omni 🍾 53 days ago

happy new year!!! may this year be better than the last.

omni 🌙 56 days ago

i somehow, almost miraculously, invent new ways to fail myself time and time again.

omni 🌧️ 57 days ago

hmmm should i quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit ponytown or quit po

omni 💻 61 days ago

why do i call my inner monologue "chat." i'm not even a streamer where does this come from.

omni 📰 64 days ago

absolutely adore video essays. every time i find one of quality i become so excited.

omni ☕️ 72 days ago

tea time is every time and every hour.

omni 🌙 80 days ago

i come back to and the whole ui is broken. what a greeting.

omni 💻 98 days ago

having thoughts about a future page for my website...honestly it'd probably be updated extremely frequently if i go through with it.

omni 🌧️ 106 days ago

mfw i have to do the work that i signed up to do.

omni 🌙 114 days ago

HAPPY HALLOWEEN i am a bit late but that is because halloween is special to me and i was actually living in reality for once.

omni 📰 126 days ago

stress is really starting to pile up.

omni 🌧️ 134 days ago

really not a fan of youtube's search results. no i do not want to see the same things i've already watched. i want what i've searched for.

omni 🎱 138 days ago

horrendous back pain again. sighs i may just have to rip it out and get a new one.

omni 💻 144 days ago

it does motivate me to work on the new layout faster, though. i do have a new page i want to get up as soon as possible.

omni 💻 144 days ago

looking at all the websites on here and then looking back at my barebones "site" that has like 1 page up is definitely. an experience.

omni 🌙 147 days ago

hoarding gifs and sending them to my friends is my love language.

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