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Oh, no! It's Noah!

Hello! I'm a multimedia artist from Texas.


ohnoitsnoah 💻 13 days ago

Late night computer thangsss!

ohnoitsnoah 💾 14 days ago

I luv the internet archive :3

ohnoitsnoah 💻 15 days ago

Okay, I REALLY wanna do an ambient A/V performance

ohnoitsnoah 💻 16 days ago

I wanna perform something that involves Live Codings. Hydra seems cool + some ambient noise from Ableton

ohnoitsnoah 💻 16 days ago

beep beep, boop boop. (That's what I sound like on my computer)

ohnoitsnoah 💻 17 days ago

I wanna go home and mess with my computerrrr. GNUstep is so sickk AND RISC OS??

ohnoitsnoah ✏️ 18 days ago

New blog posttt, yayyyy!!

ohnoitsnoah 😭 19 days ago

Just saw Barbie, cried a bunch :3. Also I've been using GNUStep on my desktop and it's super sick!

ohnoitsnoah 💻 21 days ago

Update on the BASIC computer: It's so freakin' rad

ohnoitsnoah 🤩 21 days ago

OH EM GEE my little BASIC computer came in! Hopefully I'll be able to swing by and get it after school

ohnoitsnoah 🧀 21 days ago

I want a Grilled Cheese with Tomato soup so bad 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

ohnoitsnoah 🎷 22 days ago

Jazz class, yeahhh babyyy 🎶

ohnoitsnoah 😭 22 days ago

the ppl in my Geometry are funny af loll

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